Why Use?

Why should you use?

Using this site has the following benefits for the owners at the Aspen Mountain Residences:

  • Provides a method of communication of information from the Board to the owners or through the Owner's blog
  • Allows owners to create listings for rentals and trades (both offering and securing)
  • The excess inventory is reduced we may find less availability for developer rate room options so communication among owners allowing them to rent or trade time will become much more important!
  • The workload for hotel management and free up some time to do the job they are being paid to do. No more sending out emails to owners every time someone has a request

The result is a better overall experience when owners can more freely rent unused units/rooms and secure the additional time they are looking for.

How will it easier for me to rent or trade?

Allowing owners to communicate directly with each other adds flexibility, improves the ownership experience and removes some of the hassles of maneuvering through the reservation system, such as:

  • Having to “give back” time before you can look to acquire another week
  • Getting extra time at Aspen and Beaver Creek is almost impossible
  • Coming in early or extending our stays requires a lot of time from our hotel managers.
  • Working with real estate agents to rent out a property can be time-consuming and expensive.

Do all Aspen owners have to use this system?

No, this system is voluntary and was developed for residence club in Aspen owners who feel they can use it. The website is for use by owners only. No outside entities will have access. All members-only content, including the time and trade database, is password protected.   Owner contact information cannot be downloaded.

To make use of the system possible for any owner who chooses to use it, in 2020, the Board took up an initiative to register owners so they would not need to do that themselves.  Participation remains optional.